How to Lose Belly Fat? | Workout and Diet Plan

How to Lose Belly Fat? | Workout
and Diet Plan

How to Lose Belly Fat? | Workout and Diet Plan

Consider these expert-approved diet and
exercise strategies to increase abdominal muscle and decrease “belly

    Fat may be found practically anywhere on
the body, and despite what social media may say, it’s normal and nothing to be
ashamed of. However, other people may want to shed fat in specific regions,
such as the abdomen, where oestrogen levels drop in the
If you’re comfortable, healthy, and at your
best, your body—and abdomen—needs no modification. Before trying to lose
“belly fat,” consult these experts. This article is just for
educational purposes and before following anything given in article of, must consult
your doctor.

What is Belly Fat?

    Subcutaneous and visceral fat make up
abdominal fat (the kind embedded deep within your abdomen that wraps around the
organs clustered there). The first type of fat is easier to see, while the
latter is more dangerous because of its location in the body. Fat
“depots” have specific functions. Like muscle, fat is metabolically
active and produces dozens of chemicals, including hormones that tell the brain
whether someone is hungry or full.

    Fat releases hormones based on its
location. Thigh fat hormones may enhance health, according to studies.
Nevertheless, visceral fat produces inflammatory chemicals that can increase
the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, breast, and
colorectal cancers.


How to Lose Belly Fat Through Diet?

    First, you can’t intentionally lose weight
around your abdomen (or other part of the body), and there are no secret foods
that assist you lose belly fat. Focus on decreasing weight overall. A 16-week
calorie-restricted diet reduced body weight, subcutaneous, and intra-abdominal
fat, but calories aren’t everything. If tracking calories isn’t your thing, try
these techniques to reach your goals.

Stay Hydrated

When you drink water (or any liquids), your
stomach expands, and neurons that sense organ stretching inform your brain
you’re full. When you drink water before a meal, there is the possibility to
reach fullness sooner due to these cues. Hence, you may eat less at meals and
lose weight.

Snack Healthy

Little, healthy snacks throughout the day
can prevent hanger and help you shed weight and stomach fat. Healthy snacks can
help you avoid overeating at meals and deliver critical nutrients.

Fiber-rich foods

Fiber boosts metabolism. In the American
Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who substituted high-fiber grains for
refined grains had a greater resting metabolic rate, burning more calories
throughout the day. Fiber-rich foods and snacks can provide that advantage and


How to Lose Belly Fat Through Exercise?

Altering your diet and workout habits may
help you shed abdominal fat. Plan your workouts using these recommendations.

Take Walks

Walking strengthens joints and muscles and
improves mental wellness. A tiny study indicated that walking three times a
week for 50 to 70 minutes for 12 weeks “significantly reduced”
subcutaneous and visceral fat. Lacking time? Fitness experts recommend 30
minutes of daily exercise, but even one-minute workouts can be beneficial.

Perform HIIT workouts

EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen
consumption, keeps your body burning calories after HIIT. After a workout, your
body needs extra oxygen to return to equilibrium, which burns more calories.
Studies shows HIIT training offer this benefit: Interval exercisers had higher
EPOC than steady-state exercisers. According to the CDC, physical activity can
cause a “calorie deficit” that may lead to weight loss.


Lifting weights strengthens bones and
muscles and boosts lean body mass, which burns more calories. Strength train
for 30 minutes two to three times a week, alternating lower- and upper-body

Core-Strengthening Exercises

Remember: Crunches won’t help you lose
weight because you can’t target your abdomen. To develop defined abs, you need
to work entire core, including your lower back, hips, and upper thighs.
Crunches just work the front and sides of your abdomen.

Schuler suggests these core stability
exercises from co-author and personal trainer Alwyn Cosgrove to strengthen the
core and eliminate belly fat. Planks assist support the spine and pelvis to
prevent back discomfort and improve posture. Planks burn more calories than
crunches because during plank there is more working of muscles. The New Laws of
Lifting for Abs’ three plank workouts will strengthen your core.

Side Planks

How to Lose Belly Fat? | Workout and Diet Plan

This plank is harder since you’re holding
your body weight on two points instead of four. To stabilise, you’ll need to
train your core harder.

  • Lay on left side with elbow directly
    under shoulder and legs stacked. Right hand on left shoulder or right hip.
  • Brace abs and raise hips to balance on
    forearms and feet. Shape body diagonally. Raise right arm towards ceiling and
    lift right leg to make the exercise harder.
  • Hold 30–45 seconds. Repeat.
  • If you can’t hold for 30 seconds, stay up
    as long as you can and continue until you do.


How to Lose Belly Fat? | Workout and Diet Plan

This advanced plank workout uses arms,
legs, and resistance to strengthen your core. Do one push-up before getting up
to make it harder.

  • Stand with feet as wide as the width of
    your shoulders, hands at sides. Fold forward from the hips, palms on the floor
    (bending knees if necessary).
  • With core firm and legs straight, walk
    hands forward to high plank.
  • Bend knees and roll back onto toes while
    walking hands towards feet. Return to the beginning posture by rolling each
    vertebra. One rep.
  • 10–12 reps.

Alligator Drag

This plank stabilises your body with your
core and burns calories by moving (dragging yourself along the floor). It
incorporates stability, strength, and cardio.

  • Locate a smooth floor that lets you move
    10–20 yards forward and grab anything that slides. Dinner plates or plastic
    bags work on carpets, while towels work on wood or tile.
  • Push-up with feet on slides, towels, or
  • Walk towards the runway end with hands
    (aim for at least 10 yards). Rest for 60–90 seconds and repeat the alligator
    walk to the starting location. One.
  • 2-sets. 

sincerely hope that this post has increased your understanding of losing the
Belly Fat and much needed workout & Diet Plan. Good luck!

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