India vs England LIVE: T20 World Cup latest updates as Buttler and Hales race to 50 in England chase of 169


England are one step away from a place in the T20 World Cup final, but they must now get past India, the most in form team of the tournament, if they want to secure their place in the climactic match. Jos Buttler’s side were put on the back foot during the Super 12 group stages after a rain-affected loss to Ireland and a washout versus Australia. England needed to win both of their last two matches – versus New Zealand and Sri Lanka – to qualify ahead of the Aussies and reach the final four.

Buttler himself stepped up to the plate against New Zealand with a brilliant knock at the top of the order before some inspired captaincy kept the Kiwis in check. Sam Curran performed brilliantly with the ball in both games before Ben Stokes (42*) guided England to victory against Sri Lanka with his best innings of the competition.

India are the semi-final opponents. They’ve won four of their fives matches so far including tense finishes against Pakistan and Bangladesh. Virat Kohli is back in form and Suryakumar Yadav has made this tournament his own. The Indian team is full of quality and they’ll be difficult to beat this morning yet if England play to the best of their ability they are in with a chance.

India vs England

  • Wicket! Rohit 27 (28) ct. Curran b. Jordan, India 56-2 (8.5)
  • 50 UP! – Kohli and Rohit milk Adil Rashid away for singles to bring up India’s fifty (7.5)
  • Wicket! KL Rahul 5(5) ct. Buttler b. Woakes, India 9-1 (1.4)
  • Winner will face Pakistan in T20 World Cup final
  • Phil Salt replaces Dawid Malan in England line-up and Mark Wood also out
  • England win toss and bowl first

England 156-0, Buttler 71, Hales 81, Patel 0-30 (4) England need 169 runs to win 10:57 , Michael Jones

Axar Patel returns for his final over. Hales dinks him away for one before Buttler does the same. England will be counting down these runs now.

Just two runs come from the over but England only need 13 to win.

England 154-0, Buttler 70, Hales 80, Shami 0-25 (2) England need 169 runs to win 10:55 , Michael Jones

Oh my! That is superb. Jos Buttler stands his ground and smokes a length ball from Shami over his head and straight into the stands! Six more for the England captain.

Dropped! Buttler goes again and knocks this one very high into the air. Suryakumar Yadav has to track back to get to the ball but he spills it and to make matters worse the ball rolls away for four!

England 144-0, Buttler 60, Hales 80, Shami 0-15 (1.3) England need 169 runs to win 10:52 , Michael Jones

Everything is coming off the middle of the bat for England. Even the shots that don’t beat the fielders. Mohammed Shami is brought back on and Buttler plays back two dots before lifting him over the offside for four more!

England 140-0, Buttler 56, Hales 80, Hardik 0-34 (3) England need 169 runs to win 10:50 , Michael Jones

Incredible batting from Buttler! He scoops Hardik for four then hooks a short ball over deep midwicket for six runs to bring up his 50!

Buttler takes one off the final delivery. England now need just 29 runs to win.

England 129-0, Buttler 45, Hales 80, Hardik 0-23 (2.3) England need 169 runs to win 10:47 , Michael Jones

England now need less than one run per ball. Hardik Pandya continues and Buttler takes him for a couple before pushing one into the offside for one.

Hales then tries to unleash and scoops the ball over mid-on allowing Buttler to scramble through for three.

England 123-0, Buttler 42, Hales 77, Ashwin 0-27 (2) England need 169 runs to win 10:45 , Michael Jones

Huge! Oh my word. Alex Hales drops to his knee and slog sweeps Ashwin over the short square boundary for six runs!

Hales follows up with a square cut through cover for another four. This one coming all along the deck. 15 runs from the over.

England are motoring now.

England 112-0, Buttler 41, Hales 67, Ashwin 0-16 (1.3) England need 169 runs to win 10:43 , Michael Jones

Ashwin returns. His previous over went for a few but he found some turn and bounce. Buttler cuts him away from one to bring Hales back on strike.

There isn’t as much pressure on England now and they can milk Ashwin away from ones and twos.

England 108-0, Buttler 38, Hales 66, Hardik 0-17 (2) England need 169 runs to win 10:41 , Michael Jones

Hales takes Hardik for three runs from the next three balls as the bowler tries to mix up his lines and lengths.

Buttler then inside edges one into the offside and Hales calls him through for another run. 10 runs come from the over as Pandya finishes with a nice bouncer that Hales ducks underneath.

England 104-0, Buttler 37, Hales 63, Hardik 0-13 (1.1) England need 169 runs to win 10:38 , Michael Jones

Six runs! Alex Hales waits deep in his crease for Hardik Pandya to bang the ball into the wicket. He does and Hales rocks onto the back foot and smokes him over deep midwicket for a maximum to bring up England’s 100!

England 98-0, Buttler 37, Hales 57, Arshdeep 0-15 (2) England need 169 runs to win 10:36 , Michael Jones

It turns into a decent over from Arshdeep in the end. Just seven runs coming from it. England reach the halfway stage of the innings 98-0 needing 71 runs to win from 60 balls.

England 96-0, Buttler 36, Hales 56, Arshdeep 0-13 (1.3) England need 169 runs to win 10:34 , Michael Jones

Arshdeep Singh returns for India but Alex Hales swats him away for fours runs through the offside. England won’t be going into their shells. They’ll want to chase down these runs as soon as possible.

Arshdeep comes around the wicket for the next ball and Hales flicks him into the legside for one to bring Buttler back on strike.

Buttler drives down the ground but drills the ball into the stumps and England are robbed off a single.

England 91-0, Buttler 36, Hales 51, Hardik 0-7 (1) England need 169 runs to win 10:29 , Michael Jones

The run-rate is now just a touch over seven runs per over. Rishabh Pant is getting a bit of treatment from the Indian physios as it looks like he’s down with cramp.

The umpires use the break in play to call for drinks.

England need 78 runs to win from 66 balls.

England 91-0, Buttler 36, Hales 51, Hardik 0-7 (1) England need 169 runs to win 10:27 , Michael Jones

Hardik Pandya now comes on for India who need him to perform. He digs one into the pitch and Hales swivels him away for one.

Jos Buttler then scoops Hardik over to fine leg where Mohammed Shami collects the ball. He tries to lay it off but throws the ball wide of the incoming fielder and England scramble through for four runs.

Hardik is not amused by that. Buttler then takes two before finding the fielder at point with a square drive. Seven runs come from the over.

England 84-0, Buttler 29, Hales 50, Patel 0-28 (3), England need 169 runs to win 10:22 , Michael Jones

Short from Axar Patel and he gets pummelled into the legside by Alex Hales on the pull. Six more for England’s opener!

Hales then Buttler milk the ball away for a single each before the final ball of the over brings another one for Hales.

He goes to 50 from 28 balls! Can he kick on?

England 75-0, Buttler 29, Hales 42, Ashwin 0-12 (1), England need 169 runs to win 10:19 , Michael Jones

Ravichandran Ashwin is introduced into the attack by Rohit Sharma. Alex Hales pushes him down the ground for a single to start the over.

Ashwin gets the ball to grip and spin to Buttler and hits him on the pads. There’s a thought about an appeal but Ashwin himself waves it away.

Three more singles and a wide come from the next three balls as Ashwin continues to find turn and bounce. Hales then drops to one knee and sweeps the off-spinner away for six runs!

12 come from the over.

England 63-0, Buttler 28, Hales 33, Patel 0-19 (2), England need 169 runs to win 10:15 , Michael Jones

Four runs! Buttler blocks back a couple of deliveries from Axar Patel before rocking back and pulling the spinner away to the boundary on the final ball of the over.

63 runs come from the powerplay for England. 106 still needed from 96 balls.

England 59-0, Buttler 24, Hales 33, Patel 0-15 (1.3), England need 169 runs to win 10:13 , Michael Jones

Six more! Axar Patel continues and so does Alex Hales. The spinner drifts into the pads and Hales works him over the ropes on the legside.

He then takes one to get off strike.

England 52-0, Buttler 24, Hales 26, Shami 0-1 (1), England need 169 runs to win 10:11 , Michael Jones

He gets away with one! Hales gives himself room outside the leg-stump and swipes at a good length delivery. He’s trying to lift it over the offside but Shami finds the outside edge yet the ball runs away for four runs!

That brings up England’s 50 and Hales takes a single off the last ball. It was a decent over from Shami but 11 runs comes from it.

England 47-0, Buttler 24, Hales 21, Shami 0-6 (0.3), England need 169 runs to win 10:09 , Michael Jones

Mohammed Shami is good bowler and a tough competitor who seems to play well against England. He starts with a dot ball against Hales but the batter responds with a massive drive over mid-off and hits a six to the longest boundary!

Six or nothing at the minute as Shami sends down another dot ball.

England 41-0, Buttler 24, Hales 15, Patel 0-8 (1), England need 169 runs to win 10:07 , Michael Jones

Hales and Buttler milk Patel away after the early boundary and collect eight runs from the over. Four gone and England have 41 on the board.

The required rate is now 8 runs per over. It started at 8.5.

England 38-0, Buttler 23, Hales 13, Patel 0-5 (0.2), England need 169 runs to win 10:05 , Michael Jones

Rohit Sharma turns to the left-arm spin of Axar Patel to put a halt on England’s scoring. It doesn’t work as Jos Buttler lifts him over the offside for four runs off the first ball.

Buttler goes again but doesn’t get hold of the ball yet chips it over the fielders for one.

England 33-0, Buttler 18, Hales 13, Kumar 0-25 (2), England need 169 runs to win 10:03 , Michael Jones

Two more for Hales who uses his long arms to pull the ball over to the legside boundary.

Kumar responds will a fuller delivery but Hales is waiting for it. He steps forwards and drives the ball on the up over the infield and carries it over the ropes for six!

Hales ends the over with another two. 12 runs from the over!

England 23-0, Buttler 18, Hales 3, Kumar 0-15 (1.3), England need 169 runs to win 10:01 , Michael Jones

Swing and miss! Kumar’s first delivery to Hales is a good length but wide. Hales swipes at it but misses out by some way. A similar delivery follows and Hales connects this time but only picks up one.

There’s a fielder on the deep point boundary that Buttler picks out with a simple push into the offside.

England 21-0, Buttler 17, Hales 3, Arshdeep 0-8 (1), England need 169 runs to win 09:58 , Michael Jones

That’s a decent response from Arshdeep Singh. It’s almost tough when one of the first couple of balls in an over goes for a boundary but the seamer restricts England to just eight from the over.

England will be pleased with this start though.

England 19-0, Buttler 16, Hales 1, Arshdeep 0-6 (0.3), England need 169 runs to win 09:56 , Michael Jones

Four! Arshdeep angles the ball across Buttler who opens up the face of the bat and guides the ball fine, all the way down to third man, for another boundary.

There’s a bit of pressure on Arshdeep now who attempts an inswinger and sends it wide of Buttler’s leg-stump.

England 14-0, Buttler 12, Hales 1, Arshdeep 0-1 (0.1), England need 169 runs to win 09:55 , Michael Jones

Arshdeep Singh takes the new ball from the other end. He’s found a fair bit of swing throughout this tournament and will be looking for more today.

The left-arm seamer starts over the wicket and draws the outside edge from Alex Hales who looks to work him into the legside. The ball squirts away and Hales gets off the mark with a single.

England 13-0, Buttler 12, Hales 0, Kumar 0-13 (1), England need 169 runs to win 09:52 , Michael Jones

Four more! Pant drops back behind the stumps and Buttler dances down the pitch before driving the ball through the tight offside field for another boundary.

There are a couple of plays and misses from the England captain as Kumar probes outside the off-stump.

The final ball strays down leg and Buttler flicks it away for a third four of the over!

England 5-0, Buttler 4, Hales 0, Kumar 0-5 (0.1), England need 169 runs to win 09:50 , Michael Jones

Buttler shimmies down the track then leaves the ball as the swing takes it away from the right-handed batter and out for a wide. Rishabh Pant comes up to the stumps to keep Buttler inside his crease ahead of the next ball.

Kumar goes full and Buttler drills him through the offside for four runs!

Good start for England.

England 0-0, Buttler 0, Hales 0, Kumar 0-0 (0), England need 169 runs to win 09:48 , Michael Jones

Jos Buttler and Alex Hales stride out for England’s innings. The England captain will face the first ball from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. India have 168 runs to defend, England need 169 to reach the final.

Pakistan await the winning team. Who will it be?

England need 169 runs to win 09:42 , Michael Jones

Kohli held the Indian innings together before Hardik Pandya blitzed them to a par score. Can England get themselves off to a flyer in the next innings?



© Provided by The Independent End of innings: India 168-6 09:39 , Michael Jones

Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli both scored fifties to rescue India from a slow start and take them up to the par score for T20s at Adelaide.

England will be happy with their efforts. They need 169 runs to reach the World Cup final. Can they do it?

Wicket! Hardik 63 (33) hit wicket b. Jordan, India 168-6 (20) 09:38 , Michael Jones

Out! Hardik Pandya drops deep in his crease to work Chris Jordan away but he stands on his stumps in the process and England end with a wicket.

Pandya has got India up to the par score though. This game is delicately poised. Game on.

India 168-6, Hardik 63, Ashwin 0, Jordan 2-43 (3.5) 09:36 , Michael Jones

Incredible batting! Hardik Pandya finishes with a flourish for India lifting Jordan over the legside boundary for six before following up with a blistering four!

One ball to go…

Wicket! Pant 6 (4) run out Jordan, India 158-5 (19.3) 09:33 , Michael Jones

Mix up! Pant scuffs one behind to Jos Buttler and Hardik Pandya calls him through for a run. Pant is slow to get off the mark which gives Buttler enough time to send the ball up to Chris Jordan who takes off the bails.

However, the batters crossed so Hardik will be on strike.

India 158-4, Hardik 53, Pant 6, Jordan 2-33 (3.2) 09:32 , Michael Jones

Jordan will bowl the last over and immediately fires down a wide full toss to Rishabh Pant who drives him over for one. Hardik Pandya is back on strike with five balls left.

Jordan goes full but Hardik can only lift him into the offside for one. Good start from Jordan, can he finish it off?

India 156-4, Hardik 52, Pant 5, Curran 0-42 (4) 09:28 , Michael Jones

Sam Curran will bowl the penultimate over. Hardik Panya takes him for one before Rishabh Pant – the new batter – smokes his first ball for four runs!

A yorker follows and Pant digs it out to pick up another single.

Back on strike, Hardik opens up the bat face to reach a wide yorker and he guides the ball away for four through the offside.

Oh huge! Curran goes with length and Hardik rocks back before pulling Curran over deep midwicket for six!

Four more! Hardik drills the final ball of the over away and Ben Stokes fails to keep it in play on the legside boundary. 20 runs come from the over and Hardik had 50!

Wicket! Kohli 50 (40) ct. Rashid b. Jordan, India 136-4 (18) 09:23 , Michael Jones

Gone! Virat Kohli chases after a wide yorker from Chris Jordan and slices the ball up to Adil Rashid at short third man who takes a lovely catch low to his right!

12 balls left and Kohli has to depart.

India 136-3, Hardik 37, Kohli 50, Jordan 1-31 (2.5) 09:21 , Michael Jones

This is the over for India. 12 runs from the first two balls sets them up for a big one.

Jordan responds with a bouncer which brings a dot ball before following up with a great yorker that Hardik scrambles away for one.

With Kohli on strike his belts another great drive to the boundary but England keep it in play and restrict them to two. That two brings up Kohli’s 50 though.

It’s his fourth of the tournament!

India 133-3, Hardik 36, Kohli 48, Jordan 1-28 (2.2) 09:18 , Michael Jones

Virat Kohli can’t get on strike and looks a little frustrated. He seems ready to tee off now for India.

Jordan will contine with Hardik on strike. The batter rocks back and waits for a short ball before hooking Jordan out of the ground for six! That’s a fifty partnership from these two.

And again! A full one on leg-stump from Jordan is whipped over backwars square-leg by Hardik which brings India another maximum! Fantastic batting.

India 121-3, Hardik 24, Kohli 48, Curran 0-22 (3) 09:15 , Michael Jones

Boom! Curran is brought back into the attack and sends down a short, wide delivery that Hardik slap away over point for six! What a shot that is.

Curran goes short again but straightens his line and is pulled away for two. A fuller ball follows and gets driven to Moeen Ali for a dot ball.

Hardik fancies this now but a wide yorker from Curran only brings two before Hardik misses a short ball.

The final is clothed into the legside for one but 11 runs come from the over.

India 110-3, Hardik 13, Kohli 48, Jordan 1-16 (2) 09:11 , Michael Jones

Kohli gives himself room and laces a lovely cover drive across the fast outfield for four more runs!

Hardik and Kohli then run quickly between the wickets to take four singles from the rest of the over. 10 runs come from it.

India are slowly upping the run-rate. England need a wicket to keep them in check. Four overs to go.

India 101-3, Hardik 10, Kohli 43, Jordan 1-8 (1.2) 09:09 , Michael Jones

Close! Virat Kohli survives an LBW review!

Jordan pins him on the pads and goes up with an appeal. The umpires shakes his head and Jos Buttler takes it upstairs. There’s not bat involved but the hawkeye shows the ball just clipping the leg-stump in an umpire’s call decision which means it remains not out.

India 102-3, Hardik 10, Kohli 43, Jordan 1-8 (1.1) 09:07 , Michael Jones

Chris Jordan is brought back. His speciality is bowling at the death but that let him down in the previous T20 World Cup. Can he do something special to restrict India today?

Jordan starts with a wide before Hardik turns him into the legside for one.

India 100-3, Hardik 9, Kohli 43, Livingstone 0-21 (3) 09:04 , Michael Jones

Four runs for Hardik! Livingstone continues and Kohli works him for one. He seems to be the batter who’ll take the innings into the final overs.

Pandya is the one to unleash and he smokes Livingstone back over his head for a boundary!

Livingstone responds well. Two dots and a single follow before Kohli drills a beautiful cover drive past the fielder in the ring and ends the over with another four!

10 runs from the over and 100 up for India!

India 90-3, Hardik 4, Kohli 39, Woakes 1-24 (3) 09:01 , Michael Jones

Woakes digs a short ball in at Hardik Pandya which flies over the batter’s shoulder. The umpires confer and signal a wide for height which perturbs Woakes just a touch.

A few more singles come from the rest of the over with 10 coming from it.

India 86-3, Hardik 3, Kohli 36, Woakes 1-20 (2.3) 08:57 , Michael Jones

Jos Buttler brings Chris Woakes back into the attack and India take him for two singles from the first two deliveries.

A shortish wide ball sees Kohli swipe at the ball but it hits the under edge and flies past Rashid at short third man before running away for four runs!

India 80-3, Hardik 2, Kohli 31, Livingstone 0-11 (2) 08:55 , Michael Jones

England are trying to squeeze India here. Liam Livingstone comes back on and mixes up his pace with ball offspinners and legspinners.

Hardik Pandya struggles to get him away and only three runs come from the over. Seven overs left in the innings. What can India get to?

India 77-3, Hardik 1, Kohli 29, Rashid 1-20 (4) 08:53 , Michael Jones

What an over and what a spell from Adil Rashid. Just three runs and a wicket come from it leaving Rashid with brilliant figures of 1-20 from four overs.

Hardik Pandya is the new batter. India’s hopes of a big score now lie with Virat Kohli.

Wicket! Surya 14 (10) ct. Salt b. Rashid India 75-3 (11.2) 08:51 , Michael Jones

Huge wicket! Adil Rashid floats one up outside the off-stump after Kohli takes a single. Suryakumar Yadav’s eyes light up and he goes for a big one over extra cover again.

He doesn’t get all of the ball though and picks out Phil Salt on the boundary!

India 74-2, Surya 14, Kohli 27, Stokes 0-18 (2) 08:49 , Michael Jones

Six! Ben Stokes bangs a short ball into the deck and Surya takes him on. He looks for the hook shot and gets a fine edge to the ball but it’s enough to carry it over the ropes for a maximum down to fine leg.

Four more! Stokes over corrects and goes full allowing Surya to lift the ball over extra cover and there’s no fielder on the boundary to keep it in play.

10 runs come from the final two balls of Stokes’ over. 12 come from it in total.

India 64-2, Surya 4, Kohli 27, Stokes 0-8 (1.3) 08:45 , Michael Jones

Swing and miss! Suryakumar Yadav almost pulls his shoulder out of it’s socket as he attempts a booming drive against the returning Ben Stokes but he misses the ball.

Stokes darts one into the leg-stump next up and Surya takes one to the deep square-leg boundary.

Kohli emulates him off the next ball too.

India 62-2, Surya 3, Kohli 26, Rashid 0-17 (3) 08:42 , Michael Jones

Great over from Adil Rashid! There’s a touch of spin so the Indian batters are finding it a bit tricky to get him away to the boundary. Just five more runs come from Rashid’s third over.

India reach the halfway stage of the innings 62-2. England would have taken this at the start of play. Can they get Virat Kohli out soon to set up the end of the innings.

India 57-2, Surya 1, Kohli 23, Jordan 1-6 (1) 08:40 , Michael Jones

Suryakumar Yadav – one of the Indian fans favourite players – comes out to bat to a loud round of applause.

He takes one off his first ball but that over from Chris Jordan is a good one for England.

Wicket! Rohit 27 (28) ct. Curran b. Jordan, India 56-2 (8.5) 08:37 , Michael Jones

Rohit’s gone now! Jordan builds a bit of pressure with a couple of dot balls following the boundary so Rohit Sharma looks for a big hit.

He pulls the ball into the legside but doesn’t get hold of it properly. Sam Curran comes sprinting in from the boundary and takes a fine diving catch to dismiss the Indian captain.

India 56-1, Rohit 27, Kohli 23, Jordan 0-5 (0.2) 08:35 , Michael Jones

Here comes Chris Jordan.

There’s a lot of pressure on him after replacing Mark Wood in the line-up. His first ball is worked away for one by Virat Kohli.

The next one is full and wide and Rohit Sharma spanks him over cover for four runs!

India 51-1, Rohit 23, Kohli 22, Rashid 0-12 (2) 08:32 , Michael Jones

Adil Rashid continues manages to keep the Indians quiet. Rohit and Kohli attempt to find the boundary on the legside but can’t beat the boundary fielders.

Five singles come from the over but India bring up the 50!

India 46-1, Rohit 21, Kohli 19, Livingstone 0-8 (1) 08:30 , Michael Jones

Eight runs from the over as Kohli milks Livingstone away for three more to close the over out strongly. This partnership will just be starting to worry Jos Buttler.

England need a wicket.

India 43-1, Rohit 21, Kohli 16, Livingstone 0-5 (0.3) 08:29 , Michael Jones

The field has gone out as the powerplay comes to an end so Jos Buttler is introduced into the attack. His first two deliveries are decent enough bringing just one run before Virat Kohli drills the ball back over the bowler’s head for four!

India 38-1, Rohit 20, Kohli 12, Rashid 0-7 (1) 08:26 , Michael Jones

Close! Rashid recovers well and a googly off the final delivery almost brings him a wicket as Rohit scoops the ball just past the bowler for a single.

Seven runs come from the over. The powerplay ends with India 38-1.

Advantage England you would have to say.

India 35-1, Rohit 18, Kohli 11, Rashid 0-4 (0-3) 08:24 , Michael Jones

Four! Adil Rashid comes on to bowl the final over of the powerplay and Rohit gets low to sweep him away for a boundary off the first ball!

Rohit goes again but hits the fielder before Rashid collects another dot after a drive hits the man at cover.

India 31-1, Rohit 14, Kohli 11, Curran 0-11 (2) 08:23 , Michael Jones

Dropped! Rohit Sharma laces a cut shot over to backward point where Harry Brook launches himself to the the right and spills a very difficult one-handed chance. He saved four runs though for sure!

The batters take one and Curran finishes with a couple of dot balls.

India 30-1, Rohit 13, Kohli 11, Curran 0-10 (1.3) 08:21 , Michael Jones

Sam Curran continues and Virat Kohli flicks the ball into the legside for one to bring Rohit Sharma back on strike.

Rohit has been struggling for his timing in this innings but Curran sends down a leg-stump half-volley that Sharma whips over the infield and smokes to the boundary!

The Indian captain follows up by dancing down the pitch and slapping the ball away for four more!

Curran under pressure.

India 21-1, Rohit 5, Kohli 10, Woakes 1-14 (2) 08:18 , Michael Jones

Two singles – one each for Kohli and Rohit – and a dot ball follow the six before Woakes strays down the legside and sends down a wide.

He gets out of the over with Kohli taking just one more run but that was a good one for India.

10 runs coming from it. Two more overs of the powerplay to go.

India 17-1, Rohit 4, Kohli 8, Woakes 1-10 (1.1) 08:16 , Michael Jones

Maximum! Woakes is given another over and gives Kohli too much room outside the off-stump. Kohli drives and lifts the ball over the infield, hitting it sweetly enough to send the ball over the ropes for six!

That’s the first big one of the game.

India 11-1, Rohit 4, Kohli 2, Curran 0-1 (1) 08:14 , Michael Jones

Fantastic over from Sam Curran!

Rohit Sharma looks to pull him away off the final delivery and Currant rattles him on the pads. He appeals for LBW but the umpire isn’t interested.

Neither is Jos Buttler who thinks it’s too high. Just one run from Curran’s first six balls.

India 11-1, Rohit 4, Kohli 2, Curran 0-1 (0.3) 08:12 , Michael Jones

Jos Buttler mixes up his bowlers and introduces Sam Curran.

Curran fires the ball across Kohli and finds the edge but it bounces short of the fielder at slip. The Indian number then three takes one with a push into the legside.

Good start from Curran.

India 10-1, Rohit 4, Kohli 1, Woakes 1-4 (1) 08:10 , Michael Jones

Out walks Virat Kohli. He gets in behind the first ball from Woakes then works the final delivery off the over into the legside for a single.

Four runs from the over.

Wicket! KL Rahul 5(5) ct. Buttler b. Woakes, India 9-1 (1.4) 08:09 , Michael Jones

Got him! Chris Woakes gets the breakthrough with his first ball to KL Rahul. He drags back his length and forces the opener onto the back foot.

Rahul looks to work the ball away to third man and feathers an edge through to Jos Buttler!

India 9-0, Rohit 4, Rahul 5, Woakes 0-3 (0.3) 08:07 , Michael Jones

Chris Woakes opens up for the other end and starts with a dot ball to Rohit Sharma.

The England seamer drifts into Rohit’s pads with a good length delivery but the batter works him gently into the legside and the Indian’s sprint back for two runs.

Woakes persists with that line though and that brings another single to the fielder at the deep midwicket boundary.

India 6-0, Rohit 1, Rahul 5, Stokes 0-6 (1) 08:04 , Michael Jones

Rohit drives the ball to Chris Jordan at mid-off and gets himself going in the game.

Stokes pushes the ball further up the pitch and misses Rahul’s outside edge. The final ball brings no runs and India take six off the opening over.

That’s a decent comeback from Stokes after being hit for a boundary on the first ball.

India 5-0, Rohit 0, Rahul 5, Stokes 0-5 (0.3) 08:02 , Michael Jones

Slapped! Ben Stokes offers too much width with the first ball of the game and KL Rahul cuts him away wide of the the fielder at point for four runs.

The delivery is dinked into the offside and Rahul takes one to get off the mark bringing Rohit Sharma on strike.

Rohit chases a bit booming drive but Stokes finds a touch of swing and beats the outside edge!

India 0-0, Rohit 0, Rahul 0, Stokes 0-0 07:59 , Michael Jones

India’s captain Rohit Sharma comes out to bat alongside his experience partner KL Rahul. Ben Stokes is going to open the bowling for England.

The second T20 semi-final of the 2022 World Cup is about to get underway.

‘There’s a lot of excitement’ 07:55 , Michael Jones

“There’s a lot of excitement, it’s obviously going to be a fantastic atmosphere at one of the best grounds in the world.” siad England captain Jos Butter at the toss.

“It doesn’t make a difference [not having played in Adelaide yet]. But we know we will have to adapt to the dimensions of the ground quickly.

“Dawid Malan and Mark Wood are missing out, so Chris Jordan and Phil Salt have come in. It looks a good wicket, hopefully it will stay consistent throughout the game.”

India vs England teams 07:51 , Michael Jones

Here’s how the two side line-up:

England: Jos Buttler (capt & wk), Alex Hales, Phil Salt, Ben Stokes, Harry Brook, Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Chris Woakes, Chris Jordan, Adil Rashid.

India: Rohit Sharma (capt), KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant (wk), Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Arshdeep Singh.

Jos Buttler reflects on England’s ‘fantastic’ progress on return to Adelaide 07:49 , Michael Jones

Jos Buttler marvelled at England’s white-ball journey in the last few years as they attempt to lay the ghosts of Adelaide 2015 to rest in their T20 World Cup semi-final against India.

Buttler admitted a loss to Bangladesh here that confirmed a humiliating 50-over World Cup group stage exit seven years ago has been discussed among England’s senior players upon their return to the city.

The current set-up includes several individuals who featured on that dark day for English cricket, including Buttler, but the setback marked a watershed moment for their limited-overs fortunes.

Eoin Morgan ushered in a stunning transformation before passing on the reins to Buttler, and England are now just two wins away from becoming the first side to hold both ODI and T20 World Cups simultaneously.

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Jos Buttler reflects on England’s ‘fantastic’ progress on return to Adelaide

Pakistan await in T20 World Cup final 07:45 , Michael Jones

Pakistan have had a typical Pakistan tournament. By that I mean they lost their opening two matches with two final ball finishes and were on the verge of being eliminated before winning their final three games in the Super 12s.

Still that wouldn’t have been enough to send them into the semi-finals but South Africa suffered a shock defeat to the Netherlands which saw Pakistan finish second in the group.

After that slow start Babar Azam’s side found their form and blew New Zealand away in yesterday’s semi-final. They restricted th Kiwis to 152 before Babar and Mohammad Rizwan put on 105 for the first wicket. Both openers scored 50s and despite three wickets falling Pakistan won the game with five balls to spare.

30 years ago in 1992 Pakistan won the one day World Cup after a shocking start, going on to defeat England in the final. Will history repeat itself?

Eoin Morgan ‘really proud’ to see England flourishing under new leadership 07:39 , Michael Jones

Eoin Morgan expressed his pride at England continuing to flourish under a new leadership that maintains the same ideals he adopted when turning the side from also-rans to world champions.

Morgan had an unenjoyable start to his reign as white-ball captain when England crashed out of the group stage of the 2015 50-over World Cup, which was a watershed moment for their ODI and T20 fortunes.

A more expansive and attack-minded philosophy was ushered in by Morgan and success swiftly followed, culminating in their historic 2019 World Cup triumph, before he retired from England duty in June.

Jos Buttler has stepped up from his position as deputy under Morgan, working alongside new head coach Matthew Mott, and England have moved to within two wins of more silverware at the T20 World Cup.

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Eoin Morgan ‘really proud’ to see England flourishing under new leadership

India vs England 07:35 , Michael Jones

Good morning and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of the T20 World Cup semi-final as England take on India for a place in the showpiece final.

Jos Buttler has won the toss and England will bowl first. Chris Jordan and Phil Salt have come into the side in place of Dawid Malan and Mark Wood who are both out injured.

This will be a tricky test for England, can they get through it?

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