Looking for a way to grow your hair fast and strong? Check out our guide on the best ways to use hair!

10 ways to make your hair grow faster and stronger according to a celebrity hairstylist

Woman with long hair and James Johnson and Amy Hart
James Johnson is a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with the likes of Stacey Solomon


James Johnson is a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with the likes of Stacey Solomon, Mel B and Gemma Collins, among others. He shares his hair hacks and tips on his TikTok account (@iamjamesjohnson) and on his Instagram account (@iamjamesjohnson). He shared his 10 tips to grow your hair longer and stronger, faster.

How to grow your hair

1. Have regular trims, and don’t forget to also trim your layers. Having regular trims will stop split ends from appearing.

A split end, when not trimmed, will continue to split up the hair shaft, snapping off. So be sure your regular trims as inclusive of the whole head, not just the ends.

2. Swapping your hair tie/band/bobble for a claw clip helps reduce tension and strain on the hair strand and therefore causes less breakage.

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A woman with long hair
The expert shared his 10 tips to grow your hair longer and stronger, faster 


3. Swapping your usual pillowcase for a satin cover will help reduce the overall breakage of your hair and encourage a frizz-free look. Goodbye bed head, hello “I woke up like this”.

4. Heat protection is your new best friend. When you think enough is enough, you can never have too much heat protection, but don’t go overboard on your beautiful hair strands, we want to protect them not drown them. Whether you’re restyling for a night out or you’re fixing your bead head, will heat protection will do more good than harm.

5. Cut it back (not your strands, your hair washes). Don’t waste your time, effort water, and electricity – especially during this cost of living crisis – by adding unwanted stress to your hair on the lazy days when you don’t go out. If hair washing is essential, try leaving it to air dye, the less heat the better.

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Essential oils to prevent hair loss
Essential oils to prevent hair loss


6. Leave-in treatments will do the world of good. Sprays like itsa10, which has 10 benefits in one spray, will encourage healthy hair without effort.

7. If adding thickness or length, try and opt for clip-in extensions instead of permanent additions. I’ve recently encouraged Love Islander Amy Hart to remove her extensions. Her is now getting thicker by the week, thanks to not having a constant strain on her hair.

8. Ensure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner. I see time and time again, people with over-processed or heat damaged hair will opt for a protein-based shampoo. While protein is good for the hair, too much can cause the hair to become brittle and break further.

Shampoos designed to fix problem areas in the hair should be used like a course of tablets, once the benefits are seen and the problem has improved, switch back to your usual shampoo.

James Johnson, hair stylist
He advised to have regular trims, and don’t forget to also trim your layers


9. Avoid bargain hair cosmetics. While it seems like you’re getting a good deal, cheaper hair products will be made with lots of plastics and unhealthy oils.

For example, citrus-based products can dull blonde hair. Also, watch out for over-fragranced products, the smell is added to persuade you to buy, as opposed to having any healthy effect on your hair.

10. Don’t be a twiddler. Whilst it’s a common habit to twist our hair underneath, doing so repeatedly, will encourage breakage and your hair to snap.

To ensure we’re taking care of our hair, brushing from the ends upwards will avoid the hair snapping in unwanted areas. If your hair is prone to knotting at night, a simple hair plait can help with this.

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