How Netflix’s Extra Members Feature Works

Even though Netflix has banned password sharing, you can still provide more members access to your account. Here’s how to configure it.

As a result of Netflix’s restrictions on password sharing, it is now more challenging for users to share their accounts with friends or family. You cannot share your account with someone else unless you are living in the same “Netflix household.”

You can now add others to your account as “Extra Members” if you want to share your account with someone who lives outside of your home. And how does it operate? And is there an additional fee for sharing your account?

How Netflix Extra Members Works

You should first be aware that not all Netflix subscription plans enable you to add an additional user. Only Standard or Premium Netflix membership levels include the opportunity to add additional users to your account.

You can only add one new member to a Standard plan for an extra $7.99 per month. If you have a Premium subscription, you can add up to two more people for an additional $7.99 per month for each person. You should also be aware that the primary account owner is responsible for paying the additional fee.

Change your Netflix membership plan if you’re a member of the Standard with Ads plan and wish to add a second user to your account.

They will be able to access your account to watch Netflix material once you enroll them as additional members. You won’t have to be concerned about them messing up your Netflix recommendations because they will receive their own Netflix profile, login, and account.

How to Add an Extra Member on Netflix

The additional member must activate their account in the same nation as you in order to be added to your Netflix account. If the additional member residency is not a problem, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter your Netflix login information.
  2. To access Account, click on the profile symbol.
  3. Visit the section for Extra Members.
  4. SelectBuy a second membership spot.
  5. Then, select Next.
  6. Select Buy Now after calculating the cost of adding a new member.
  7. Choose Next.
  8. Enter the person’s name and email address if you wish to add them to your Netflix account as an additional user.
  9. To send the invitation, click the Next button.

The additional member won’t be added to your account right once since the person you invited must first accept the invitation.

Differences Between Regular Accounts and Extra Members’ Accounts

You should be aware of the distinctions between a standard Netflix account and an additional member account before determining whether you want to join your friend’s account as an extra member.

No matter whatever Netflix subscription plan they choose, additional members can only watch material on one device at once. Additionally, but only on a single phone or tablet at a time, they can download Netflix content for offline viewing.

Extra users can only create one profile, unlike a typical Netflix account. They cannot use a Netflix Kids profile, but they can select from a variety of maturity ratings.

However, additional users have access to the same library as the primary account and can view and hear the content in the same high-definition format.

How to Remove an Extra Member

Go to the Netflix account page and click Extra Members > Manage extra members to get rid of the extra member. Select Remove recipient there. Select Cancel Invitation and confirm the action if they haven’t yet accepted the invitation.

They will immediately lose access to their account if you remove them. They can either be changed or re-added as an additional member. Remember that you are only permitted to change an additional member up to twice each billing term.

How to Cancel an Extra Member Slot

Similar to canceling your Netflix subscription, canceling an additional member spot. Up until the conclusion of the billing cycle, the additional member may continue to view material.

Here’s how to remove a supplemental member slot:

  1. Log in with your Netflix credentials.
  2. Go to Account by clicking on the symbol for your profile.
  3. Choose Manage Extra Members under Extra Members.
  4. Click the Cancel Slot > Cancel Additional Member Slot link.

When you confirm the action with Netflix, they’ll let you know when the extra member last had access to your profile. A confirmation email will also be sent to the additional participant.

Save Money With Netflix Extra Member

Being an additional member may be the best option for you if you’re not a great Netflix fan. Without having to purchase a separate Netflix subscription, you may still ad-free stream your favorite films and TV episodes.

You can transfer your Netflix profile if being an additional member is not ideal for you. You avoid losing your Netflix recommendations in this method.

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