How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

On your Android phone, do you need to view the Wi-Fi password for a saved network? Here are all the steps you may take to find your Wi-Fi password on an Android device.

On Android, do you want to know how to view a Wi-Fi password? Perhaps you’re connected to a network whose password you’ve forgotten, or you want to look up a friend’s network’s password so you can connect a different device to it.

Whatever the cause, we’ll show you a couple alternative ways to locate saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android.


Without a rooted device, you may check the Wi-Fi passwords for your bookmarked networks on Android 10 and later. Let’s examine how to do this on a Pixel device running stock Android 13; as with many Android menus and tools, the procedure may alter based on your phone and Android version.

On Android 10 or later, enter Settings and select Network & internet to view the Wi-Fi password. Tap Wi-Fi on an Android 10 or 11. You must choose Internet if your Android device is version 12 or later.

Your current Wi-Fi network will then appear at the top of the list. To view network options, select it. Choose a different network from the list if you’re not connected to the correct one; to identify previous connections, check the Saved networks entry at the bottom of the page.

Select the Share button on the overview page for the Wi-Fi network. To continue, you must verify your face or fingerprints or enter your PIN code. When you do, a QR code will appear underneath a list of your network’s Wi-Fi password.

You can now share the Wi-Fi password for your network with someone else or input it on a separate device because you are aware of it. You can either read it aloud to a buddy or copy and paste the content (if you do this, be careful to send it using a secure messaging provider).

The process is made much more practical by the QR code provided on this page, which enables a different device to connect to the network without having to manually input the password. By hiding the real password, this improves network security and eliminates the frustration of typing the password wrong.

Android devices can hit the QR Code symbol next to Add network (below the list of Wi-Fi networks) when the password is shared so that they can quickly scan and connect. If the other person has an iPhone, ask them to use the Camera app to scan the code before tapping the invitation to join. If you need help, look up how to scan QR codes on an Android or iPhone.

With Android 12, a Nearby option will also be available, allowing you to share the password with nearby Android devices. By utilizing the Nearby Share feature, you can skip the process of using your device’s screen to scan the QR code.

You may find it more convenient to screenshot the QR code so you may email it to others without constantly using the aforementioned options. Keep that photo safe since anyone who has that code can join your Wi-Fi network.

How to See Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 9 and Older

You’ll need to use alternative methods to divulge your Wi-Fi password if you’re using Android version 9 or earlier, or if your phone doesn’t have the aforementioned option for any other reason. Sadly, all of these techniques require rooted Android devices.

This is due to the fact that the file containing the Wi-Fi login information for stored networks is located in a secure directory on your phone’s storage. Unless you’re rooted, you don’t have authorization to read the folder or the file inside of it.

With a rooted device, you can use a file explorer program that supports root browsing to get to /data/misc/wifi and view your Wi-Fi password on Android. You should notice your network name (ssid) and password (psk) when you open wpa_supplicant.conf.

You can try using an Android Wi-Fi password viewer app like WiFi Password Viewer if this doesn’t work or if you want to try another approach. To view the password on one of these, you can choose a saved network.

Your results may differ because they require root and have contradictory evaluations. Apps like these won’t be much use if your phone encrypts the file holding Wi-Fi credentials.

View Wi-Fi Passwords on Another Device

These are the two primary ways to view Wi-Fi passwords that have been saved on Android. Checking the Wi-Fi password on a desktop device is your best option if you’re not rooted and run Android 9 or earlier. These greatly simplify the process; for assistance, check how to view Wi-Fi passwords on a Mac or how to locate Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10.

Consider utilizing a password manager in the future so that you have your own list of significant Wi-Fi passwords and are not forced to employ these workaround techniques.

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