What Is Bluesky? Is It the Best Twitter Alternative So Far?

What Is Bluesky? Is It the Best Twitter Alternative So Far?

What you need to know about the platform is provided here.

X, formerly known as Twitter, is still up against several rivals. One of the most famous is Bluesky, a rival to X that has gained the support of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Bluesky is among the most notable competitors.

How about Bluesky Social, though? What distinguishes it from X? And can it become a potent rival?

What Is Bluesky Social?

Built on the open-source AT Protocol, Bluesky Social is a free, decentralized microblogging social networking client. It resembles Mastodon, a decentralized social network based on the ActivityPub Protocol, in many aspects.

Bluesky was initially a project within Twitter, but in 2021 it separated into a separate business. The two businesses totally terminated their service arrangement in 2022.

Bluesky Features

The Bluesky app and X (formerly Twitter) are quite similar. You can upload both text and image content on Bluesky. However, the ability to publish movies or GIFs will no longer be available as of October 2023.

Additionally, you can choose between chronological and algorithmic following feeds. Bluesky has feeds with bespoke algorithms that you can add to your own app, whereas X allows you to build lists to generate custom feeds.

You can join the primary Bluesky Social domain or use a custom domain with your account because Bluesky is decentralized. Accounts from journalists and prominent people can be verified using domains, however the platform does not provide verification with a blue checkmark.

How Is Bluesky Social Different From X (Twitter)?

Bluesky and X differ significantly in a few key ways. The most obvious difference is that X is a centralized program, whereas Bluesky is based on a decentralized protocol.

Bluesky also generates income in a unique way. Bluesky offers a premium custom domain package rather than using advertising to recoup costs for the platform. Additionally, $8 million in startup money has been raised. This does not imply that the network will always be free of advertisements, but Bluesky has said on the Bluesky blog that due to its decentralized structure, advertising cannot be the company’s primary revenue stream.

Bluesky and X differ from one another in that Bluesky’s user base is still somewhat small because it is currently in beta. The platform attracted 1.5 million users by October 2023.

Bluesky is similarly invite-only for its beta. To sign up for the platform, you require an invite code.

How Do Bluesky Invites Work?

When registering for the app, you must enter an invite code to join Bluesky. A waiting list member or an existing user can give you a Bluesky invite code. You cannot register for an account on the app without a code.

Codes that can be shared will occasionally be sent to people having Bluesky accounts. These can be located by tapping the hamburger button in the app’s upper left corner and looking under the invite codes section beneath your follower count.

How to Create an Account on Bluesky

It’s comparatively simple to register for the platform once you have a Bluesky invite code.

Open the Blueksy app and choose Create new account to begin going. then take these actions:

  1. Select a hosting company.The default host is Bluesky. Next, choose Next.
  2. You must input your invitation code on the following page.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your email address, password, and birth date after entering your code.
  4. Enter your user name last, then click Next.

You don’t need to do anything else to create your account. In the future, if you change your mind, you can also change your Bluesky name.

Is Bluesky the Best Twitter Alternative?

Given how hard X (Twitter) alternatives have been working to thrive, you might be asking how much importance Bluesky has.

People who are put off by Mastodon’s numerous instances may find Bluesky appealing due to its user interface’s relative simplicity. Many of the essential X features are included, along with considerably greater user control over your timeline through personalized feeds.

Those who dislike how frequently advertising show on X will also find the present lack of adverts appealing.

Bluesky will take some time to establish itself as a serious rival, though, given its significantly smaller user base. Its ability to sustain growth when it exits beta will be crucial to its success as a platform.

Keep an Eye on Bluesky

Watch out for Bluesky
You might want to keep an eye on Bluesky if you’re patiently waiting for a workable X replacement.

Although it is still early, the platform is exhibiting signs of promising growth, which will probably pick up speed once it enters beta.

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