What You Need to Know About the New PS5 Slim Model

Just in time for the holidays in 2023, Sony is introducing a smaller, thinner PS5 in the US. since smaller (is better), right?


  • In November 2023, Sony will release a “Slim” version of the PlayStation 5 that is more compact and diminutive than the original models.
  • The “Slim” variants have a glossy top and a matte bottom, making them slimmer and lighter than earlier models.
  • The “PS5 Slim” will be priced between $449.99 and $499.99, and it will launch in the US initially before expanding to other nations in “the following months.”

Since the PS2, Sony has developed compact versions of their gaming systems. With the PlayStation 5, the corporation is continuing the trend by introducing a “Slim” model just in time for the 2023 holiday season. However, it should be noted that Sony is not referring to this as a PS5 Slim.

The “PS5 Slim” Is Arriving In November 2023

You have two choices ever since the PlayStation 5 was introduced in 2019. The physical edition, which is more expensive but has a disc tray like earlier consoles had, or the digital edition, which is less expensive but lacks a disc tray.

There will soon be a new model for both versions that is more compact and lightweight with an add-on disc drive, as stated on the PlayStation Blog. You may anticipate buying this when it debuts in the US in November 2023 from a few chosen retail locations (to be announced closer to the time) as well as from direct.playstation.com.

You’ll have to wait a little longer if you’re not in the US to obtain one of these new, thinner PS5s. The new PS5 model will be made available in additional nations in “the following months,” according to a statement from Sony, but the language is purposefully vague.

How Is the “PS5 Slim” Different From the Standard Model?

You might be wondering how the “Slim” is different if you’re looking to purchase a PlayStation 5 or want to update your existing PS5.

The “Slim” variants are significantly lighter and slimmer than the previous models, which is to be expected as the main distinction. The new model weighs 24% less than the original normal model and is 24% less in volume and volumetric weight than the two prior models.

The Ultra-HD Blu-ray disc drive is a supplemental product that may be added to the digital version so that you can watch your preferred Blu-rays. The top has a glossy surface as well, while the bottom keeps its matte appearance from the original models.

When Can You Expect the “PS5 Slim”?

The “PS5 Slim” will, as previously mentioned, debut in the US in November 2023 before being released in “the following months” in other nations. The PlayStation 5 should be your next system for a variety of reasons, so if you’re going to buy one, you might as well get the most recent version.

The “PS5 Slim” will cost between $449.99 and $499.99 depending on the model you choose, which is comparable to the starting price of the first models.

The “PS5 Slim” Is the Newest Console on the Block

The announcement of a newer, thinner model coming just in time for the holidays in 2023 is fantastic news if you don’t currently own a PlayStation 5. That is assuming there are no more supply problems like the ones that the first models had when they were first released.

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